The 80's Horror Movie Movement: Freddy Approves This Message

The 80 horror magic
The horror genre is as old as cinema itself horror movies have evolved over the years in your face Scary Monsters 1920 more cerebral fare in the 1960s, which saw some excellent films like The Exorcist and Psycho in the 70s. This was the time when ordinary horrors of its class B status shifted great.
The 80
The horror genre in 1980 and 1990 with classics like Nightmare on Elm Street, reached Friday the 13th and The Evil Dead. Computer saw the 80s generated special effects seep into horror movies. The trend probably started with Dawn of the Dead Alien in 1978 or a year later. But thanks to the foam liquid latex and animatronics, the filmmakers were able to stretch human figures strange shapes and distorted. The 1980s can be seen as a golden age for the horror movie, with several films cult status. Movies have such an effect on the public, that to this day, you are at least a Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers in Halloween to find a political party! Although the film was released in 1978 Halloween performed Michael epidemic in the 80's until today. Horror films of the 1980s introduced the bloodthirsty horror in a different light. With newer technology that had seeped into the film industry all monsters lurking in the shadows of the 1950s and 1960s highlighted in the light.

And now
In the mid-80s, horror movies, most are hokey and obvious. We went to a horror movie to root for the bad guy. Freddy, Jason and Michael had our heroes bazaar in a way. Fast forward to today. Horror movies today, or better yet, the last 10 or 15 years, are uncanny. Creepy girl walking in The Ring (2002) and the non-ghost scene in the Paranormal Activity series. We found the services, in fact, everything is said and done, we do not want them to think that we will get into bed at night. Although I did not particularly find the movie Paranormal Activity so great, I must admit, she held me glued to my seat until the early endings climate. Horror movies back what they lost in the 80s, the fear factor. Movies do not need large diameters



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