Classic Horror Movies

What happened to all the classic horror movies that many generations of people knew and loved? Well, they are still there somewhere hidden in old movie sections of video rental stores, waiting to scare the crap people again. Many original films in black and white have bee restored and digitized to DVD format, some remain in their original black and white, while others have been inked.

What was the classic horror films that attracted many spectators and over again? It was the state of the art special effects at the time, stop-motion camera techniques, so that you see Lon Chaney Jr. transform a normal person on the tortured soul of the Wolf Man, how many people look at this transformation in absolute horror, although they knew they watched a film?

When people see horror movies today, they assume that most of the special effects were installed today born of classic horror films of the past. Stop-motion photography, masks, rubber and other add-ons, make-up techniques, all were unknown before these films were released. Special effects team back in the day was not all computer-generated graphics at the time and had only with the letter of their own imagination.

It was not just the special effects, the classic horror films have something to watch over and over again, it was also actors that often animates their hearts and souls into their work. Although the classic Dracula has repeatedly, like Frankenstein and spin-offs of the Wolfman was rebuilt, many of us will always remember, Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr. in these traditional roles. Not only does it perfectly to life these characters, they put heart and soul into these classic monsters.


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