Doc Rotten 666 Revelations: Horror Icons 1970

In 1970 were the horror icons of the sixties in place and getting the main roles , Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price . Horror studios , however, were hungry young stars eager to see take its place . Some success (Robert Quarry ) and would do little ( but not insignificant ) impact on the history of horror ( Ralph Bates ) . Even TV star Horror ( Jonathan Frid ) a chance to shine . Here are six performances symbol of horror male 1970.ROBERT QUARRY COUNT COUNT Yorga in Yorga , VAMPIRETo replace Count Yorga breakout role of Robert Quarry , drive-in begin to run as a symbol of terror and AIP him the successful establishment , Vincent Price in the successful series of horror. An overnight success , having worked in the business for more than twenty years . Career performance as Yorga would lay the foundations for the modern vampire. Also imprisoned in Victorian England who could walk the vampire and talking about Los Angeles in 1970. It was perfect for the role. It would follow , Dr. Phibes Rises Again ( 1972) Death Master ( 1972) Madhouse (1974) and Sugar Hill ( 1974) the role with the return of Count Yorga (1971). AIP plans for his rise to stardom would collapse in the late '70s and career would never shine his chance. It would quiet of the early 80s act disappear, but would return in 1990. It would be the star of the cheap horror budget and Evil Spirits (1990 ) , Teenage Exorcist (1991 ) and Evil Toons (voice, 1992) , its mainly for director Fred Olen Ray .


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