Movie Monsters Doc Rotten 2010: Angela Night of the Demons

For each day of the week throughout December , Doc Rotten will be back to the year 2010 look examination 20 Movie Monsters of the year. Come to judge each day and again , as the monster worked on the big screen , DVD or BluRay. On 31 December we are going to examine all 20 monsters in order of popularity . Let's take a look at today's Movie Monster of 2010.Based on the original film of the same name in 1988 , Night of the Demons by Adam Gierasch tells the story of Angela field (Shannon Elizabeth ) , that when throwing a Halloween party at an abandoned mansion releases demonic forces ' d . The demons begin to partygoers to have published one after another . The cast also Monica Keena , Edward Furlong, Bobbi Sue Luther and Michael Copon belong with a special cameo from Linnea Quigley , who played a leading role in the original film . Originally scheduled for release in October 2009 , the film for release in 2010 was held , but found limited release . He was eventually released on DVD and Blu -ray mixed reviews . The special effects and digital effects were created by Drac Studios .


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