Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight

Well, we all know I'm not a great person to know remake ... but this film ... I had to see it! Why ? Because if you know me , you know that I do. Addiction to Elijah Wood I wrote about this film a few months ago . I said then that would be nice. What answer do I have? Above all it was , " I'm not sure , Elijah Wood can deduct this " or similar statements it . Even my partner in crime , Mr. Erik Polk said something to that affect ... Guess what he sent me an email after seeing the movie? He did say that he was wrong! I do not want to say that I appreciated the sentiment, but let's just say I had to sing , I told you , like a little school girl!Not only the appearance of Elijah Wood Frank Zito is creepy, scary , angry and disturbed, the whole movie was fucking fantastic ! The view and the own style of filmmaking in the first person in respect of the original , he gave a completely different feel , which I actually found to be much more sinister than the original. The original Frank Zito was dirty , greasy, someone you expect to have a few places in the basement ... but not Elijah Wood Frank Zito . He was young, young , almost innocent and pathetic ... to be too close to him . Then he turns into a crazy fuck and makes your scalp on a mannequin that will be used later ... Well, you know ! The great ladies of the film actresses are also fantastic and believable. I felt sorry for them when I do not really like wood (that. .. rang in my head ... ) ! The ending was absolutely crazy ... ! It was bloody , brutal, and almost beautiful in a disgusting way , almost trippy LSD passage.


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