Doc Rotten rooms of horror: 70 Frankenstein Monster

One of the most famous movie monsters in the horror film is the Frankenstein monster . From Frankenstein (1910) and , most famously, Frankenstein (1931 ) Universal, the monster of Mary Shelley man many forms adopted . 1957 Hammer Films released the creature in the era of Technicolor with Curse of Frankenstein. During the sixties , Hammer Films released would produce a variety of monsters , by the same Baron Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing ) and Japan have their own version of Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965). As fighting in the seventies horror to find his way , Frankenstein's monster makes its way to the screen no less than thirteen different forms of Hammer Horror Frankenstein in 1970 in Mel Brook Young Frankenstein in 1974.Horror of Frankenstein (1970 ) Played by David Prowse .

UK, Hammer decided to restart their duty to Frankenstein in 1970 , Baron Peter Cushing replaced with Ralph Bates and David Prowse creature with Christopher Lee in Horror of Frankenstein. Although Lee was original makeup and scary 1957 makeup Prowse is sparse, the monster in Frankenstein Jesse James Meets Girl (1966 ) recalls. Jimmy Sangster Director shall too heavily on the physical presence of Prowse to instill fear. Although the production values ​​are high, the script is weak and not memorial monster.Assignment Terror ( 1970) by Fernando Murolo played .Spain , returns Paul Naschy Waldermar Daninsky Assignment Terror, written by Naschy and directed by Tulio Demicheli monster. Michael Rennie , Mr. Odo Warnoff is at the center of the feast of fear with Dracula, the monster , the werewolf and the mummy. Play like a sci-fi spin on the old support elements Universal creature of forty years , the monster Terror assignment looks very similar to the original creature Boris Karloff and makeup man Jack Pierce, but he eyebrows bushiest this side of Castle Frankenstein freaks (1979). At least recognizes Naschy werewolf , what a sample it is and crushed him in the final.


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