Blu-ray Review: THE HANDS Ripper (1971)

Another glorious production Hammer Films on Blu -ray hi-def synapse , this time in the hands of the Ripper (1971 ) and his second hammer blow on Jack the Ripper myth the next chamber was (1949 ) three decades earlier . Directed by the incredibly clever Hammer familiar Peter Sasdy ( Taste the Blood of Dracula ), the film pretty straight forward thriller with a nice layer of intrigue and supernatural psychological thriller is sewn into the process.Films opened in London in 1888 when Jack the Ripper notorious flees the scene of his last bloodbath , he is pursued by a torch wielding mob in court. The elusive slasher hardly invisible house , but when it prohibited the door behind his wife noticed his blood-stained hands and puts the two together quickly. In a state of panic and anger Jack the Ripper The woman in front of her little girl , her hands still dripping blood from the earlier murder.

Now we jump us 15 years later Anna was a fraudulent spiritual medium named Mrs. Mamie Golding ( Dora Bryan ) , who speaks with Anna to help siphon money. In the pockets of the rich in non-performing assumed theater sessions That night a meeting was conducted , and the participation of psychiatrists John Pritchard (Eric Porter, The Forsyte Saga ) and his son Michael ( Keith Bell ) next to a grieving woman who lost a child Dysart ( Derek and Godfrey, the horror cabinet of Dr . Phibes ) ), a member of the British Parliament horny. After the meeting, Mrs. Golding has an agreement with Mr. Dysart who wants to get the virginity of the unfortunate Anna for a price. When Anna refuses grandmother enters the room to calm the situation, but when the light reflection dancing on the face of young woman Anna spends soft murderer , it accesses a fire poker and goes straight through the stomach spiritualists , they speared the door , the shock of Dysart . Hear the cry of blood clotting from outside the house crashes Pritchard within and between macabre scene as Dysart fled macabre scene.


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