Halloween Horror Movie Night

Zombie movies originally debuted in 1932 with the release of White Zombie with Bela Lugosi Dracula star in the role of the zombie. The American film is also the foundation of the band White Zombie, which took its name directly from the film. Zombie movies have through many phases and the many stages away with Night of the Living Dead since the film that many believe is responsible for the reinvention of the genre. Here are some suggestions if you want to watch horror movies for Halloween.

Night of the Living Dead

Whether you believe invented Night of the Living Dead Zombie movies is new or not, there is little doubt that this was a revolutionary film. It is the first film, graphic cannibalism and the first film to feature an African-American featured in the lead role as the hero of the film. Released in 1968 on a tight budget, the film has far exceeded the worship he received after the initial release. The story surrounding the mysterious reanimation of the undead with many people forced to try to survive the night on a farm in rural PA. The film would launch the career of George A. Romero. More films are Romero zombies. Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead, and all are worth a visit.


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