Carrie' Will Come To Prom Seven Months Late

As a critic, I can say that shit remakes the absolute bane of our existence. They are lazy, they ruin good equipment, and they lose money that could be used for high-quality projects. The remake of Carrie howevor, how it might work. It has a good distribution of the crew and promotional material that we saw was great. But there is one obstacle: After the film was pushed back from March to October.

Carrie on the Stephen King novel is based on a shygirl life of abuse and neglect of his family and peers at school, until it grows deadly psychic powers its primary Prom

Well, this is not to direct something went wrong, it's cold just be that they thought it would be better for the Halloween season. But it could also mean other things, like the movie sucks and they are trying to find to save an editor. Or maybe they do reshoots, but Sony has not said why the film has been postponed.

Anyway hope this is a movie, add the proven a success, not just another remake of shit on the stack.


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