Horror Stories (Playlist)

It's the perfect playlist for HALLOWEEN!

I thought this track would work great for this time of the year where everyone dresses up and goes to parties or trick or treating. I would work primarily a mix of electronica great if that's what I came up with.

I start things with The Hacker Miss Kittin and The Hacker glory. It is a great loss, black electro minimal track sounds like The Hacker is known. The album is his latest version Reves Mecanique. Those of you who are fans of Miss Kittin, can also track it on home.

I then deal with industrial sounds of Campy My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. This track is away from Confessions Of A Knife album, and it's a great opportunity in this mixture. It works perfectly because it sounds sampled films. The next part of Brainbug Nightmare. It was pretty successful comeback in the late 90s in the World Cup. He has. These large sample of a soundtrack classical Hollywood cinema It sounds great and is very upbeat and energetic!

Next up I have a track EON. What a great artist Ian Loveday, as he produced one of the best electronic releases of the 1990s. Fear: The Mind Killer is (Original Mix With Beats) by Eon of a large album put he called Void Dweller. The whole album samples horror / sci-fi movie soundtracks, such as Dune and Basket Case. If you have not checked this album definitely see and hear, because it is a Masterpiec! I then. To the field of hip hop with Bloodsuckers Spectre head Then, immediately after it is to feel Lullaby by Faithless Killer of Nightmares on Wax pessimistic remixed for the original.


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