RAVENOUS (1999) movie review

Ravenous (1999) d. Bird, Antonia (UK)

“It’s lonely being a cannibal. Tough making friends.”

Director Antonia Bird serves up heaping helpings of black comedy and gory carnage in this hilarious, edgy period horror. Set in the waning days of the Mexican-American War, Guy Pearce’s cowardly Army captain is stationed at a remote outpost in the Sierra Nevadas where daily routine is stultifying dull...until Robert Carlyle staggers in from the wilderness with tales of survival that would turn the hardiest soul into a vegetarian.

A clever combo of mysticism, vampirism and cannibalism, with Bird’s superb cast – which includes Jeffrey Jones, David Arquette, Jeremy Davies, and Neal McDonough – licking their lips and devouring Ted Griffin’s script with gusto.

A decidedly underrated flick, with Slovakia’s Tatras Mountains (standing in for the Pacific Northwest) providing the picturesque exteriors.


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